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You’re in the right place if you want a comprehensive online training program that shows you how to utilize MailChimp features to run a successful online business.

MailCHAMP Mastery is an all-inclusive training program for entrepreneurs who want to leverage one of the most popular email marketing programs around to grow their business, build solid subscriber relationships, and create an efficient, effective email sequence for delivering products to customers.

The 6 core MailCHAMP Mastery Modules will help you utilize MailChimp’s features without spending hours figuring out the mechanics by yourself.

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I want to know the fundamentals of using MailChimp and familiarize myself with the Account Settings.

ZenPicons_0009_OrangeCheck Module 1: MailChimp 101 – Getting Started

This module will walk you through the exact next steps right after you click the “Sign me up” button on and familiarize you with your Account Settings.

Here’s what’s included in this module:
2 videos

CSV File Template for importing subscribers
Handout: Flowchart for determining which method of adding subscribers is right for you

Here’s what you’ll learn:

How to set up your MailChimp Account
How to navigate the user interface
How to know which method of adding subscribers is right for you
How to import subscribers from another email system
How to manually add subscribers using 3 separate methods
How to update account settings inside MailChimp

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I want to know what method of organizing subscribers is right for me, and I want to know how to create an opt-in box.

ZenPicons_0009_OrangeCheck Module 2: Opt-Ins, Lists & Groups, Oh my!

I will also show you the exact steps you need to create custom, branded sign up forms so you can start collecting subscriber email addressees immediately. You’ll even receive done for you resources, examples & swipe copy.

Here’s what’s included in this module:
4 videos

Handout: Lists vs. Groups
Checklist: MailChimp Sign Up Form
Handout: Secrets for Managing a Healthy List
Audio: The Secret for Managing a Healthy Email List

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Discover the difference between lists and groups
How to replicate a list
How to navigate the List Dashboard
How to create groups (and use them effectively!)
Different methods for adding subscribers to your groups
How to create a customized sign up process using Sign Up Forms
Discover the different types of sign up forms available to embed on your website
How to embed sign up forms on your website

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I want to know how to create a beautiful email campaign and build relationships with my new subscribers.

ZenPicons_0009_OrangeCheck Module 3: Communicating with Your Subscribers

You’ll discover how to create, customize, schedule, and send email campaigns that are 100% infused with your branding and personality.

Here’s what’s included in this module:
5 videos

Handout: Simple Steps for Adding Videos to your Email Campaign
Handout: Campaigns vs. Autoresponders
Audio: Sending Times & Frequency

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Introduction to campaigns and templates
How to create a campaign using the Basic Template
How to style your campaign using the design tab
How to add and edit images
Virtual tour of the campaign editor
How to correctly paste text
Scheduling options for sending your campaign
How to create a template from a campaign
How to create a campaign using the Drag & Drop Editor
How to use, save, and utilize segments
How to create, format, and schedule autoresponders
How to determine the best time and day to send your campaigns

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I want to know how to decipher metrics and reports in MailChimp to strategically communicate with targeted subscribers.

ZenPicons_0009_OrangeCheck Module 4: Understanding Results through Reporting

I will show you how to actually decipher charts and graphs within the reporting area of MailChimp. You’ll discover how to use the information in the reports to be more successful and strategic when planning your next newsletter.

Here’s what’s included in this module:
4 videos

Handout: Cheat Sheet for Answers to Common Reporting Questions
Handout: Tips for Improving Your Email Metrics
Handout: Top 3 Email Metrics to Monitor

Here’s what you’ll learn:

How to navigate the reports dashboard
How to read the report graphs
How to decipher individual campaign reports for each campaign
How to track and measure open rates
How to analyze subscriber activity for a campaign
How to create a new segment based on a specific subscriber activity
How to understand click performance and tracking

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I want to create a product and deliver it through MailChimp easily, effectively, and efficiently.

ZenPicons_0009_OrangeCheck Module 5: The Money Making Magic of MailChimp

I’m giving you my top recommendations for eCommerce integration and I’m giving you step by step instructions for deciding the best method of delivery to get your content into the inboxes of your paying customers.
Here’s what’s included in this module:
1 video

Handout: Top Plugin Recommendations for eCommerce
Audio: My Choice for eCommerce and Affiliate Platforms
Audio: The TRUTH behind using affiliate links in MailChimp Campaign

Here’s what you’ll learn:

How to upload files to MailChimp and insert them into a campaign
How to deliver an email to customers immediately after they purchase your product
How to deliver a DIY/Evergreen service using MailChimp auto responders
How to effectively schedule emails for live group courses
My Top Plugin Recommendation for a smooth eCommerce & affiliate platform integration

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I want to connect social media accounts and other programs to my MailChimp account.

ZenPicons_0009_OrangeCheck Module 6: Integrations & API Keys

I’ll walk you through how to hook up your MailChimp account to some of the most popular applications like Facebook and Twitter.
Here’s what’s included in this module:
3 videos

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Introduction to the Integrations Dashboard in MailChimp
How to integrate MailChimp with Facebook
How to cancel integration with Facebook
How to integrate MailChimp with Twitter
How to auto-tweet your campaign
Introduction to API Keys Dashboard
What you need to know about using API Keys

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These MailCHAMP Mastery modules will guide you step-by-step through the 6 areas of MailChimp to help you master email marketing fundamentals.

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